COLOURS OF THE WIND While the everlasting elegance of white floral arrangements will never go out of style, thanks to the gifts of nature, there are a plethora of other colourful options and vibrant shades both worthy of consideration and vying for a spot in your...


THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES Whether they’re announcing the happy couple at the reception or coordinating the best man and maid-of-honour’s speeches, MCs play a vital role in ensuring a seamless and stress-free wedding. Here, Kirrily Ireland delves into the...

COME TOGETHER-celebrants

COME TOGETHER Love is a boundless force that can transcend all obstacles, and in many cases love prevails even over cultural and faith differences, with couples embracing the beauty of diversity, rather than allowing these differences to divide them. For these...

A NEW TAKE ON LACE-Bridal fashion

A NEW TAKE ON LACE Lace has become a humble hero in modern wedding gowns, adding texture and detail in an effortlessly elegant way. No matter the style of dress, it infallibly works to complement and elevate the design. Kirrily Ireland speaks with Kate Egan, owner of...


IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Dating back to the times of Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, eye makeup has been used for centuries to accentuate and enhance the eyes – the windows to the soul and our most powerful communication tool. Bethany Hayes sits down with owner and...

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Videography

From that breathtaking moment you glide down the aisle, to the close-up shot of you and your partner saying your “I Do’s”, having these memories on video means you can relive the day in all its glory for years to come. Rene Hart explores the fundamental elements to consider when looking for a wedding videographer who can perfectly capture the spirit and magic of your big day.

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Transport

The most important day of your life starts with getting into the wedding car of your dreams, but the magic lies in the finer details that make the journey all the more special. Rene Hart speaks with Mark Heinsen from Fantasy Limousines and Alex Jovanovic from Triple R Luxury Car Hire about some of the additional services car hire companies offer to complement the experience of your wedding transportation.

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Photography

You’ve hired the perfect photographer, you’ve picked a beautiful wedding venue and you’re really excited to capture beautiful photos from the day – then the weather changes. Whether there’s downpour or extreme heat, the weather doesn’t have to ruin your wedding photography. Georgia Jordan investigates ways to work around difficult weather conditions and still capture amazing photos.

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Photo Booths

Photo booths are an increasingly popular mainstay at modern weddings that allow you and your guests to capture the joy and excitement of your special day. To maximise the benefits of your photo booth, there are certain aspects every couple should consider. Cloe Timperley explores a number of ways that that you can get the most out of your photo booth on your wedding day.

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Jewellery

Dress hunting may be the most talked-about stage of wedding planning, but there’s joy to be had in finding timeless pieces to match your gown. To ensure you sparkle in all the right places, Tijan Biner speaks with James Temelli of Temelli Jewellery about what to consider when choosing your wedding jewellery.

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Hens Party

The revelry of the hens night is a rite of passage for all brides-to-be, but it’s not always limited to short dresses and karaoke. From luxe spas to gorgeous wineries, Tijan Biner has compiled some of Victoria’s top party ideas that’ll make your hens night one to remember.

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Grooms Fashion

When it’s time for your man to choose his wedding attire, he should consider individual taste, as well as the theme of your wedding.. Rene Hart speaks with managing director of Mens Suit Warehouse, Daniel Mortellaro about some of the ways your groom can match his suit to your wedding theme.

Melbourne Wedding Expo Video Production- A Crucial Keepsake

Deciding to elope can be a fantastic way to celebrate your marriage, and while it eliminates much of the hassle associated with planning a traditional wedding ceremony complete with a reception, numerous guests, and too many details to count, there is still quite a bit that needs to be considered. Pamela Hale uncovers why videography is one of the most significant elements worth incorporating into your special day.