A NEW TAKE ON LACE-Bridal fashion

A NEW TAKE ON LACE Lace has become a humble hero in modern wedding gowns, adding texture and detail in an effortlessly elegant way. No matter the style of dress, it infallibly works to complement and elevate the design. Kirrily Ireland speaks with Kate Egan, owner of...

2022 Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo- Bridal Fashion

Just like you found the perfect partner, finding the perfect dress is a combination of love at first sight and a little bit of luck. If you’re thinking of stepping away from tradition, Tijan Biner explores a range of colour options to consider when deciding on a non-white wedding gown.

Wedding Fashion Parade

Bridal Fashion Runway From the blushing bride to the handsome groom, our beautiful male and female models will be walking down the runway