It goes without saying that neon signs look gorgeous, whether you are planning a traditional wedding or modern celebration, a neon sign creates a stunning focal point to light up your day.

Not only do they look amazing during the daytime, but after the sun has gone down, they really come to life to cast an atmospheric glow wherever you choose to place them. Here, Melbourne Wedding & Bride’s Jacqueline Foy sits down with Adriana Taylor of Unique Party Boutique and Neon Hire Australia to explore the joys of hiring a neon sign to set your wedding day alight.

Taylor’s journey began five years ago when she and her husband started their events business, Unique Party Boutique. Their mission, which was to provide a service that plans and styles your wedding for your ceremony and reception all from the one vendor, resulted in premium quality products and a personalised experience. Part of this offering was, of course, neon signage, so when they were approached to purchase Neon Hire Australia, Taylor thought it seemed like the perfect fit. “Lighting up our couples’ weddings and creating such a beautiful focal point on their special day never gets old,” Taylor says, a testament to her love of what she does. “We strive to continue to take many more couples ahead on this journey with us,” she says.

Melbourne Wedding Neon Signs

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On one of the most special and memorable days of your life, why not put your names up in lights. With a saying that depicts your love for each other illuminating the stage, it is the perfect way to set the scene of your special day. “Compared to other signage, the neon can really set the vibe and feel of the wedding based on what it says, the colour of the neon and positioning,” Taylor says, explaining that a neon sign can draw attention and create a focal point for the room. By lighting up your space, they can create a special ambiance for when people walk in or frame the couple at the bridal table during the reception. “Some even choose to have a neon as their focal point on an arbour for their ceremony,” Taylor notes.

A neon sign can be the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities for guests and wedding photographers alike. “Bright and bold lettering draws the eye and creates depth in a photo, adding layers and dimension that enhance the overall composition,” Taylor says. “It certainly does take some skill when taking photos of neons, as sometimes you do need to play with the lighting to get the shot in the best light. It is not as simple as stand and snap,” she says, but adds that they’re a versatile tool for photographers to be able to add a touch of personality and unique visual interest to the photos.


When incorporating a neon sign into your wedding, there are some things you will have to keep in mind to ensure everything runs smoothly. “The main thing to consider when incorporating a neon sign is where you are going to place [it],” Taylor says. “You will need to ensure that there is power available and that the neon is going to be inside or in an undercover space,” she advises. Plus, you’ll need to make sure there is something to affix your sign to for the duration of your wedding – it will require a backdrop or a fixture at the venue. If the venue doesn’t have somewhere that you can either hang or affix it to, or they don’t provide a backdrop, you will have to consider hiring a backdrop as well. Taylor also says to consider decorations around where your neon is being displayed, as it always makes the space look extra special.

Taylor’s parting advice is this: set a reasonable budget to really allow yourself the best opportunity to create a magical day that you will cherish forever. “Neons can sometimes be the one item that are left off but are the one thing that can really encapsulate your space and create the perfect mood for your wedding,” Taylor says. They are worth every penny that you spend on them as they create such a beautiful focal point for the room. “You don’t want to look back on your day later wishing that you had included something that you could have but chose not to,” she finishes.

Melbourne Wedding Neon Signs
Melbourne Wedding Neon Signs


Even with the huge range that Neon Hire Australia stocks, Taylor especially loves when couples choose a neon that is one of the more unique options and is less frequently used by couples, or even more when they opt for a custom sign. “It really reflects their love story and them as a couple,” she says, explaining that couples can incorporate their names, surnames or initials in a custom design, and these are the signs that really stand out to Taylor. “Initials in a love heart, their surname or a unique saying that is only held special to them,” she says, as a few suggestions. If you would like to have a sign that also functions as a keepsake after all the dust has settled, Taylor notes that you can keep your custom sign as a lasting memory of your day and repurpose it as home décor or just save it as a souvenir to look back on.

“The beauty of neon signs is that they can suit any theme wedding,” Taylor says. A neon can really help you set the tone, be it through colour or style, neons can be used to transform spaces and add an artistic and modern edge. Taylor even finds that couples will often choose a neon sign as one of their first steps, which then helps them narrow down their vibe and style to build an overall aesthetic for the day.


With in-house coordinators, venues like The Trawool Estate have the unique advantage of having an intimate knowledge of the intricacies and inner workings of their venue. Having existing relationships with the kitchen and front of house departments, alongside trusted vendors, Hind and her team can take the stress out of planning and focus on building connections with couples to bring their dreams to life.

“We create a relationship with our couples and build a level of trust as we bring their wedding together,” Hind says. “On average, we spend twelve to eighteen months getting to know the couple and guiding them through the planning process,” she adds. The coordinator is available to help guide the couple in the lead up to their wedding day, taking all the time they need to create the schedule and collate all the important information to make the day run smoothly. “We are there on the day to get [the couple] down the aisle, coordinate their movements and the movements of the other guests, liaise with vendors and oversee the set-up,” she says. The trust couples put into their coordinator is immense, but they can rest easy knowing they are acutely familiar with the ins and outs of the venue.


For couples starting their wedding planning journey, Hind has a few words of advice on where to begin. It may seem obvious, but it pays to do your research carefully before you visit venues. Think about what is included in the venue’s pricing, and what restrictions they may have. “Every venue will have some,” Hind says. For example, some venues are strict with what vendors you can use, which may be tough if you already have your heart set on another aspect of the day.

Before you start, Hind suggests thinking of your numbers and the style of wedding you’re after. Narrow down your favourites, and then visit those places, but avoid looking at too many venues. “It starts to get very confusing trying to compare too many options,” she says. Nothing beats seeing a venue in person. “Try to picture the wedding there,” Hind says, and if you have the option to dine on-site, do it! Try the food, chat to staff and start to build a relationship with the Classic Melbourne Wedding Venue and the rest will fall into place.