The Year Ahead: The Top Bridal Trends for 2022

While 2020 and 2021 were certainly not the years we were anticipating, with the bridal industry one of the worst affected by the severe lockdowns that gripped Victoria, 2022 has already sparked feelings of hope and optimism as we break free from our shackles and charge towards our goal of a fully vaccinated populace. For many couples, the extra time and the eager anticipation has only fuelled an already stoked fire to celebrate the positives in life and bring people together.  To ensure your day is everything you could ever imagine and more, the team at the Wedding & Bride Expo delve into the top bridal trends of 2022.


The term anniception is a relatively new one that has become a relatively popular addition into the general vernacular following on from COVID. Combining the terms ‘anniversary’ and ‘reception’, the anniception is a larger celebration of your wedding for those who may have had their initial plans fall by the wayside. While an anniversary is a celebration of one’s marriage after a year of being officiated, an anniception seeks to celebrate your wedding day a year after the event.

This bridal trend is perfect for those who may have had to have a more intimate wedding ceremony due to restrictions in place but who still want to host a celebration where all their loved ones can join in on such a momentous occasion. For those who had to scrap their plans for a big wedding, this is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too!

Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo Wedding Trends 2022
Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo Wedding Trends 2022


The ever-present pallor of COVID has frayed our psyches. Though we have all collectively faced many challenges over the past couple of years, as Melbourne we leave yet another long lockdown behind us, it is clear our spirit has not been broken as the population has emerged with a new appreciation for life’s little pleasures. As a result of the oppressive nature of the past couple of year’s brides and grooms are seeking to break from the status quo by incorporating colour and joy into their wedding day.

Blush will remain an ever-popular colour choice for those seeking to break from the traditional white gown. As with blush, we can also expect to see the classic shades champagne and ginger remain a popular choice. But perhaps more surprisingly, sophisticated tones of pistachio, lavender and sky blue will also make an appearance. The 2018 MET Gala’s renaissance theme’s influence on fashion trends can still be found today with soft colours and intricate patterns also a popular choice.

Grooms are also not immune to the alluring appeal of colour and crisp whites, elegant cream linens and even opulent red velvet suits all are enticing options to elevate your look and let your personality shine on a day where the attention will be inherently on you and your partner.

The incorporation of colour is not limited to fashion, and we can expect to see colour incorporated into the styling of the event too. From bright floral displays, to carefully considered centrepieces, incorporating bold shades is a simple way to make a stylish statement.


Bolstered with a newfound gratitude for what truly matters in life, many are turning to a ‘stripped back’ wedding that is centred around the gorgeous natural surrounds we are so blessed to have in this magnificent country. Getting back to our roots, earthy-palettes and alfresco weddings are expected to be an enticing and popular choice for many brides and grooms.

With a range of wonderful scenery in Victoria, from the Yarra Valley to the Surf Coast, why not capitalise on what nature has already provided by choosing a venue immersed in nature? Particularly as the weather continues to improve as we move into the warm summer months, an outdoor wedding is the perfect way to spend the day soaking in the sunshine and the wonderful atmosphere.

For those in a metropolitan or indoor location, it is still possible to welcome nature into your wedding by incorporating warm earthy hues into your wedding’s colour palette, or incorporating lots of fresh floral blooms and foliage – eucalyptus branches are always a stunning addition that is in abundance in this country.


As more and more people convert to vegetarianism and veganism, it is only natural that we can expect to see more plant-friendly catering options available at weddings. No longer limited to salads and roasted vegetables, vegan culinary endeavours have progressed immensely over the past few years and there are many exciting options that will tantalise your tastebuds.

From heavenly pillows of aquafaba meringues, to tangy bruschetta or Melbourne’s all-time favourite smashed avocado, there are so many different options available to couples planning their day that are not only guaranteed to satisfy your cravings but that also have the added benefit of being kind on the environment.



With a huge pent up demand from couples who have had to move their day sometimes multiple times over the course of the lockdowns, coupled with the usual demand, it is safe to say that the professionals within the industry’s planners are brimming with events. While weekend weddings have remained popular due to guest’s availability, with limited spaces available, weekday weddings are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

With limited availability, start planning your wedding as soon as possible and notifying your guests of the date sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment due to clashes with work schedules. Remember, the more time you give yourself and your guests to prepare, the higher the likelihood of everyone’s availability and attendance.

Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo Wedding Trends 2022