Just like bucks night are shrugging off the stereotype of wild nights out, hens nights too are becoming more creative in their activities – tailoring the night to its participants instead. For a night of fun, consider incorporating the joy of dance with your best friends into this special evening. After all, what is better than a fun night out spent on the dance floor with your nearest and dearest? Melbourne Wedding & Bride’s Emma Warner Allen discusses the ample benefits of learning the Samba on your hens night with Tsambika George, owner of Miika Entertainment.

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Dance is invigorating, it breathes life and passion into everything, and when seeking a hens night activity what better way to add some fun and positivity to an already joyous occasion? “Samba is an afro-rooted Brazilian dance made famous by Rio’s Carnival! It is all about moving your hips and capturing what it feels like to be sensual and free,” Tsambika explains. Samba is the perfect activity for a hens night as you and your closest friends can relax and let loose on the dance floor – all with the guidance of the professionals who live and breathe this artform. “You will walk away feeling like a Samba queen,” Tsambika asserts. “Samba celebrates you!”

For those still uncertain of the Samba, if you have witnessed the vibrant, entrancing colours of the Rio Carnival, you will be familiar with this fiery dance. Bright, eccentric costumes adorned with feathers and intricate beading match the vivacious and infectious energy of this upbeat dance, and its distinct Samba-rhythm. The professional dancer explains, “We represent the colours and sounds of the Brazilian Amazon, the bigger the better!”


While mastering the Samba will take many years of practice to perfect, Tsambika reassures brides-to-be that only simple steps will be taught on the night – and that her team are incredibly patient with varying skill levels. “We only use a very basic level of Samba for the hens experience to make it fun, easy and engaging for everyone! We don’t care if you have two left feet, it’s all about having fun and moving that booty. We cater to all levels of dance,” Tsambika affirms. The Samba consists of five constituent parts: “The samba step, the footwork, parading, posing and body movement. We touch on the basics of each of these five things during your experience, together this creates a routine,” Tsambika explains. Miika Entertainment loves to put together a small routine to learn and dance, but also readily adapt their style to suit the group. “If we can see that a group is really thriving in one area of the experience, we will extend that particular part and change what was originally planned. It is catered to the energy and experience of the group,” she elaborates.


Given the Samba’s origins, what can one expect for a fun-filled Samba-themed hens night? The night typically begins with a few drinks to loosen up the crowd and get everyone up and on their feet. Though the dancer notes that at the end of the day, “everyone puts the hen first and is willing to get up and move, even if it takes an extra minute to warm up”. However, given Miika Entertainment’s bubbly and engaging team of staff, an inclusive and supportive environment is quickly established – ensuring everyone is up and dancing in no time at all!

Infusing the night with an infectious energy, the talented dancers “can also dress up the hen for her special night during our time together”, with coin skirts also available for the other guests. “We open the hour with a choreographed performance to give everyone a taste of what we will be learning. We keep the high energy and the music loud while we shake our booties through the experience and release everyone’s inner Beyonce!” Tsambika notes. While this is ideal for participants ready to let their hair down, the team are also careful to adapt their approach so that everyone feels comfortable and doesn’t get left behind.


While the Samba’s upbeat and inherently rhythmic qualities mean it is an appropriate dance to perform alongside a wide range of music, traditionally the dance is performed alongside drums. All you need is a strong beat, making percussion instruments perfect. “You cannot beat the sound and energy of a live performance. The masculine energy of the drums mixed with the feminine energy of the dance is a perfect balance to a performance and the experience of a Samba,” Tsambika asserts.

A hens celebration is one to truly enjoy, and Miika Entertainment seek to provide an authentic experience, which aside from the dancing, comes through the incredible music. Miika Entertainment often perform alongside Speranza Entertainment, a team of high-energy drummers, to create the ultimate experience. “Our topless drummers are that touch of cheeky you can appreciate from afar while being able to enjoy a little eye candy and some live music,” Tsambika notes. A performance like this is guaranteed to leave guests feeling exhilarated, inspired and excited – it’s a celebration of a beautiful union to come, and the freedom of dance.

Regardless of whether you are a dance extraordinaire or have two left feet, a hens night celebration learning the Samba is a unique and exhilarating option to celebrate any worthy bride-to-be. Under the guidance of the professionals, you and your bridal party will be guaranteed a memorable night of dance magic – and plenty of new steps in your repertoire.

Image courtesy of Miika Entertainment