As you bid farewell to your final unmarried moments and look towards an exciting new future with the love of your life, it has become almost a given to celebrate with your closest friends and family. Whilst a night out on the town and wild hens night is the dream for some, there are a plethora of ways to celebrate in a more relaxed and leisurely setting, and what better backdrop than a wine tour across Victoria’s breathtaking countryside? Melbourne Wedding & Bride’s Katie Livingston sits down with Coline Bossard, owner of Coco’s Tours, to discuss how you can host the perfect hens celebration with a winery tour, as well as how you can create a truly customised and luxurious experience without any of the stress.

Born and raised in France’s famous city of Lyon – the world capital of gastronomy – Coline Bossard spent her formative years surrounded by decadent food, and prestigious wines and spirits, while working closely with truly excellent chefs. But her debut into Victorian wineries came in 2018 when she organised a wine tour on the Mornington Peninsula for herself and twenty friends. It was there that she discovered a love for researching the wineries and planning the perfect itinerary, an experience she knew was worth sharing. “We all had the best day,” she explains, “so why not do this every weekend?”

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The finicky task of organising the hens party often falls to the maid of honour, or sometimes the poor bride themselves, and it’s no secret that with such great responsibility on your shoulders, it can be hard to sit back and enjoy yourself on the day. This is where Coco’s Tours is here to help. On the lead up to the day, the expert team will plan and prepare an itinerary for you, and they will take full control on the day so that all you need to do is have a great time. “You get to get out of Melbourne, enjoy the beautiful scenery of regional Victoria, taste some delicious wines, meet the winemakers, [and] eat delicious food,” Bossard explains. “It’s a memorable experience for everyone, and hassle-free for the bridesmaids because I’ll take care of everything,” she says.

Bossard also stresses that thanks to her and her team taking the helm, you won’t need to watch the time, or deal with ‘surprises’. Coco’s Tours will also give your group an introduction to each winery before entering, and the knowledgeable team will have all the information on hand to answer any questions you forgot to ask the winemaker. Adding another layer of personality to your experience, Coco’s Tours will pick you up from your residential address at the start of the journey, and drop you off wherever you wish, including the pub. “Myself and my staff will make every single tour the absolute best day,” Bossard says. “We allow BYO drinks on board, we take group photos all day [and] we don’t rush you during the tastings.”


For brides- and grooms-to-be, Bossard offers a ‘party package’, one that is perfectly customised to suit your celebrations. “On top of usual transport, tastings and lunch inclusions, it also includes a glass of sparkling on arrival, decorations for the bus, cold water on board – you’ll thank me the day after – and a karaoke set,” she says. Whilst the Coco’s Tours team are handling all the logistics, you’re able to sing your heart out on a bus ride that’s almost as much fun as the destinations themselves.

But if watching your nearest and dearest blurt out an average rendition of Dancing Queen isn’t your style, there are still a plethora of ways your tour can be customised to you. From unique destinations, like hot springs, farms and museums, to a luxurious hummer limousine and even a charted helicopter ride.


Victoria is home to some of the most beautiful wine regions in Australia, and with such a diversity of climates in each region there are multitudes of unique and exciting vintages to try. Thankfully, you won’t need to limit yourself to just one; the experts at Coco’s Tours carefully curate custom itineraries that include vineyards that suit your taste in wine, as well as make stunning backdrops for your group photos. “For a hens, I would always make sure to organise tastings that include some bubbles! Prosecco, Champagne or sparkling wine are a must for such a celebration,” Bossard says. “My favourite wine variety is pinot noir, which of course is the specialty in cool climate wine regions like Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula,” she adds.

In the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula alone there are dozens upon dozens of esteemed wineries to choose from, and selecting a just few is an overwhelming task. To take the stress away, the Coco’s Tours team have done the research for you, with each participant only needing to share their taste preference, with the team handling the rest.

On a more personal note, Bossard revealed that one of her her favourite wineries to take groups to is Kerri Greens on the Mornington Peninsula. “The location, the people, the wine, the atmosphere; everything there is perfect. It almost feels like home every time I go there,” she says.


Regardless of your taste, party style or attitude, a customised winery tour has something for everyone, and a fantastic time is all but guaranteed. However, like anything, wine has its drawbacks, and to ensure the safety of everyone attending, Coco’s Tours takes its duty of care very seriously. Bossard does add that they team haven’t had any issues to date, “but as a personal advice, I highly recommend not to mix alcohol; stick to the delicious wine and drink lots of water,” she says.

If you’re unsure of whether or not a winery tour is the right option for you, then don’t be afraid to discuss your options with the professionals to see how each tour can be tailored to your needs. Coco’s Tours is very generously offering readers of Melbourne Wedding & Bride a discount of ten dollars per guest on all packages, simply ask the friendly staff upon meeting.

Image courtesy of Coco’s Tours