As the old adage goes, it’s not always about the destination, but the journey. With the right vehicle and a friendly chauffeur, the ride to and from your wedding can be just as fun as the ceremony and reception. Melbourne Wedding & Bride’s Kirrily Ireland catches up with Sam and Georgina Ioannidis, owners of DR ROD Hot Rod Hire, to discuss all things wedding transport, from entertainment options to tips from the driver and planning the perfect route so everyone arrives in perfect time.


With a wide variety of cars to choose from these days, everyone’s preferences can be requited, whether you’re a lover of classic vehicles from the 60s or want to glam it up with a stretch hummer. “All vehicles are unique,” the Ioannidises agree, “everyone has different tastes and what look they are after. Some couples like the old traditional style black or white look, some like the stretch limousines to have everyone together, and others like the sporty type.”

While some may have a dream car in mind, making the decision a no-brainer, others might have to research a few options before landing on the perfect ride. Considering the overarching theme of the day could help you decide – a traditional black limo brings a touch of class to a traditional wedding, while a vintage Rolls Royce pairs well with an elegantly vintage gown. Even something as simple as having a favourite colour can open up a range of options. Coming in a selection of vibrant colours, Hot Rods are a great example of a unique vehicle of choice. “Hot Rods definitely stand out from your ordinary vehicles,” the pair says. “They are bright, loud and unique, definitely making a statement on your arrival … To finish off the evening we can also provide a big bold H3 Hummer, orange in colour, full of chrome accessories.”

Your wedding transportation might also be determined by how many people need to fit in the one car. Again, this will differ between wedding parties; often the bride and groom will arrive in their own car, sharing it only with VIP members such as the parents of the bride, while the bridesmaids and groomsmen travel in separate cars. If this is the case, smaller vehicles – be it a luxury sports car or an old-fashioned Mustang – are on the table. However, if budget doesn’t allow for so many and you’d rather spend the trip together with all of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, a limousine or hummer is the way to go.


One of the main reasons brides and grooms choose to hire a professional car service is that they tend to come with a personal chauffeur. After all, who wants to deal with the stresses of traffic and directions on their big day? With so much experience on the road, chauffeurs are often much more reliable than asking a friend or family member to get you to the altar and will also alleviate any pressure on a loved one to traverse traffic.

As the chauffeur navigates their way to the venue, you can sit back and relax with your loved ones, enjoy some tunes and distract yourself from any pre-wedding jitters. “Our drivers are friendly and will always play the type of music clients will ask for,” the Ioannidises say. “[They’re] always there for a chat and to make the ride as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.” For most wedding chauffeurs, yours won’t be the first wedding party they’ve transported. They’ll have plenty of practice with keeping the bride and groom calm, and might even crack a few jokes to break any tension.

Opening a bottle of champagne is certainly another popular way to get the party started, however the DR ROD team do warn couples to be careful. “We don’t provide alcohol in vehicles due to accidents of having it spilt on [the bridal party] and ruining the beautiful gowns or suits.” Instead, make sure you have a glass or two before you hit the road!


In order to put everyone at ease and keep the party spirits alive, any potential stressors are best taken care of beforehand – these can crop up quite easily with traffic, road works, confusing routes and remote destinations topping the list. Professional car services will often have strategies in place to ensure they get everyone to the wedding on time. “We always arrive early for our pickups and that definitely [puts] the couple at ease knowing they have time to do final touches before they depart for their destination,” the pair affirm. “A nice cruise along the way – not rushing always helps.”

“All weddings are planned out for travel times and distances allowing extra time for traffic jams and road works,” they continue. “Our cars are fitted with CB radios communicating with the other drivers [and] when caught at lights we all follow together as a team.” Being well-versed with the roads of Melbourne is also a huge benefit.

On the chance that the bridal party arrives early, the chauffeur can do laps to fill the time or pull over somewhere safely – the perfect chance to sneak in a few selfies or get some fresh air before the main event commences. And if you need a pit-stop along the way, your wish it the driver’s command.

Between the fancy vehicles and the trusty people who drive them, wedding transportation can make the journey to one of the most important events in your life a breezy, pleasant and stress-free experience. Whether you’re stretching out your legs in a flashy limousine or relaxing on the comfy upholstered seats of a colourful Hot Rod, you can look forward to the day ahead knowing you’re in safe hands.

Photography by Melki Studios