Videography captures the moving image; it’s expressions of love and exchanges of endearment between loves ones – the tears and laughter shared. It’s the couple’s first look as their eyes meet across the room, and the parting expression as the father slips his arm away from his daughter after the walk down the aisle. Adding a sense of grandeur and presenting a unique angle brimming with depth, incorporating drone footage into your wedding film is an excellent way to truly elevate the story being told. Speaking with Micheal Su, owner of Season Zero Media, Melbourne Wedding & Bride’s Emma Warner Allen discusses why you should utilise drone technology on one of life’s most pivotal days

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Drone technology has been about since the 20th century, with most being used for military endeavours. However, advances in technology have seen drones slip into the mainstream media and repurposed for use in image capture technology – be it photography or videography. Drones aside, even advancements made in the last decade have seen cameras “improved to the point where we are shooting our weddings on the same cameras as what is used on Netflix shows”. “The improvements in drone technology also allow us to capture weddings from brand new angles at a reasonable price,” Su notes. And the progress is not limited to just cameras, either. “The advances in editing also give videographers the ability to do more with the footage and be more creative.”

Consequently, wedding videos have naturally evolved to keep in line with the developing image capture technology. This natural progression has opened the doors to possibility, allowing couples to elect whatever devices and stylistic choices they would like to ensure their big day is documented exactly as they intend. Attesting to this, the videographer notes: “The changes in technology have greatly influenced the videos being created. Although the traditional style is still extremely popular, brides are more commonly choosing videos that incorporate their personalities and have a more creative and artistic flair. In fact, we recently did a wedding with a retro 90s themed video for our lovely bride!”


As technology continues to advance, drones are becoming more widespread. As a result, drones have become more accessible, and it is far more common to encounter drone footage across all forms of media. Their popularity can in part be attributed to the unique angles that can be captured, which can add a romantic element by providing depth to the footage – a unique vantage point and an authentic sense of location. “For brides who want that extra dimension and a new perspective of their wedding, I would highly recommend drone footage,” Su asserts. “We have never had a bride regret incorporating drone footage, instead the effect is the opposite. Most brides laugh that they even hesitated adding drone to their wedding video.”

Although drone footage can be used anywhere, picturesque settings such as a sprawling winery or a quaint building with sweeping vistas set the stage for phenomenal footage. “Venues with beautiful exterior landscapes and wonderfully designed architecture are definitely the most suited to drone videography. However, due to the cinematic nature of drone footage, almost every location can be beautifully captured,” Su advises. “Drones give people a more cinematic perspective of their wedding day and boosts the production quality of the wedding video. If given the option, many brides in the past probably would’ve liked to include drone footage into their wedding. Now it is more popular due to the increase in accessibility and affordability,” the professional asserts.


On a day already fraught with excitement and, naturally, a little trepidation, selecting a videographer that can help you lean into the atmosphere and forget your worries is immensely beneficial – not only for your nerves but also when capturing footage. Therefore, it is crucial that you find a videographer that will aid this process rather than exacerbate it, as well as checking if your venue has an approved drone flight path. Similarly, you also want to be confident that the footage captured is the best it can be – after all, there are no do-overs on your wedding!

Ensuring you get a drone videographer worth their weight in gold, the best way to tell apart the professionals from the amateurs is relatively simple: look at their portfolio. “Brides selecting videographers that offer drone footage should look at the price and the experience of the operator. A quick request of a few drone shots or sample videos will allow brides to make a more well-informed decision,” Su asserts. From there, it is “up to the production team to make the most out of the drone [shots] and incorporate it in the most tasteful way”. Taking the time to look at the videographer’s work is so important, to ensure that not only is the raw footage looking beautiful, but that the artist’s style of production is also to your liking and presented in a compelling way that would complement you and your partner’s connection.

The benefits of incorporating drone footage into your wedding videos cannot be overlooked. Providing a unique point of view with minimal disruption, drone technology can add the element of difference that helps you remember your wedding with clarity in the years to come. On what is one of the most significant days of your life, it is crucial to do everything possible to ensure that not only the day runs smoothly, but that it is immortalised to stand as a treasured keepsake for the rest of time. Be sure to do your research and talk to the professionals to see how they can bring your vision to life.

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