Though often overshadowed by the main event, your hens night celebration is still one to be eternally treasured. While notions of a wild night of drunken debauchery still prevail within society, brides-to-be are more commonly breaking away from tradition with a focus on the festivity symbolising a celebration of your nearest and dearest friends before you wed. Photo booths are an excellent option for such occasions, as they not only serve as a fun activity that will immortalise the occasion for years to come, but as a space replete with special, intimate moments. Here, Emma Warner Allen discusses how you can utilise a photo booth during your hens night to ensure the fun lives on in more than just your memories, with general manager of Weddings Parties Entertainment, Michael King.

 Many will have fond memories of crowding into a photo booth after a few drinks with friends, props in hand, smiles at the helm. And the novelty of a photo booth never seems to wear off. Perhaps the cherry on top of an already irresistibly sweet cake, all photo booths, by nature, allow you to take home a keepsake with you, one which allows the fun to linger long after the sweetness has faded. Having been involved in the live entertainment industry for many years – including as the host of radio shows in both Melbourne and the US – King shares his tips on curating the ultimate hens night photo booth experience with Melbourne Wedding & Bride readers.

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Photos have long remained a century-long cherished possession of humankind, with their unique ability to capture a specific moment and place, and keep it locked in time forever. While our memories may fade, photos preserve these memories for the ages, allowing us to reminisce and rekindle the emotions felt at that time. Photo booths boast all these same benefits while also promoting a fun atmosphere through the inclusion of props, unique lighting and varying settings. Photo booths remain an exciting option for whatever event you are hosting, and King recognises the novel conditions that arise from employing a photo booth’s magic for your hens night. “The hens night is all about a party, whereas the reception has more formalities and less time to actually use the photo booth!” King explains. “The girls can let their inhibitions down and go crazy without the worry of the boys.”

While photo booths have always been a popular choice, advances in technology have only increased their allure, with King attesting that these booths “used to be good, but now they are great!” “With technology changing, the guests can not only receive prints, but they can add a personal touch by adding emojis, signing the photo, SMS-ing the photo, or even creating a video message or GIF.” Meaning you can savour the hens night long after the party’s finished with treasured keepsakes. Additionally, “A photo booth is all-inclusive, so even if you have under eighteens they can [still] be a part of the party as much as those who are older,” King explains.


Photo booths are endlessly versatile and can match whatever event, theme or requirements you may have. To accommodate your every need, photo booths come in a range of different styles, can be customised with unique templates and stickers, and are accompanied by the fan favourite: props! Speaking to this, King notes: “We offer various services, some of which include props. It is entirely up to the client which service they would like. We have a huge variety of props. Our most popular props are often ones that surprise!”

Weddings Parties Entertainment offers four different photo booths: the mirror photo booth, mirror photo booth air, pylon photo booth, and 360 video photo booth. All are excellent options for those wanting to accommodate lots of people within the photos as they are not restricted by the typical constraints of a ‘booth’, allowing for fun scenarios to play out authentically. “The best hens night we have done is where all the ladies came dressed as their significant others, behaved like them, and took photos like the boys do,” the entertainment expert notes. To that end, regardless of your theme, a photo booth can keep up with the dress code, too. “We often have themed events, such as Hollywood, Roaring 20s, gold or a single colour, sports, or even a green screen option where you can be taking your photo on the moon, in London at Big Ben – or how about as a fashion model of the cover of a magazine!”


Perhaps the best part of the night is being able to relive it every time you look at one of the photos taken during the festivities, as you will be transported back to that time of fun with friends, creating memories that will last eternity. There are so many creative ways to display these precious captured moments as well, with some suggestions including a photo wall, an electronic photo frame, or even getting creative by compiling a collection of photos overlaid by a song or speeches that is embedded in a frame and will play via your phone when your camera is looking at the chosen photo. Weddings Parties Entertainment’s service will “allow you to print as many prints as you like”, so you can take as many home with you as you desire.

Regardless of your activity of choice for your hens night, including a photo booth is a sure fire way to liven up the party and provide treasured mementos for all your guests. Be sure to speak with the professionals to see how they can tailor their services to suit your event, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch!

Image courtesy of Weddings Parties Entertainment