For many people, dreaming of their wedding day as a young child was a fairytale in and of itself; the flowing white dress, the floral-clad arbour, and the love of your life at the end of the altar. Now all grown up, there’s no reason this special day can’t be just as magical as we imagined as children. Kirrily Ireland speaks with Rebecca Hanegraaf and Christine Whelan, owners of Pepper Sprout Hire, to discuss the ways in which couples can evoke a romantic, fairytale-inspired wedding through carefully considered furniture choices and clever styling.

Fairytale weddings often conjure up images of horse-drawn carriages, trailing ballgowns, tiaras woven into elaborate hairstyles, and a woodland location; however, the modern take on this beloved theme is fairly versatile, with a general focus on romantic décor, rustic yet refined furniture, and timeless accents. By culminating these aesthetic aspects into one beautifully styled event, the fairytale essence can truly come to life.

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Before you get stuck into styling, it’s important to plan and select your furniture and décor items first, and then decide how you’ll create a story with these elements on the big day. Consulting companies like Pepper Sprout Hire is the perfect place to start – finding experienced and passionate professionals to help craft the setup of your dreams should be at the top of your checklist. Research a range of vendors to find one that will be able to understand and execute your vision, whether that is indeed a fairytale look, or something else entirely.

“The service you receive from the point of enquiry to on-the-day setup is so important!” Hanegraaf and Whelan say. Heeding to this message, the dynamic duo at the helm of Pepper Sprout Hire provides brides- and grooms-to-be a look book to spark inspiration. “We have photos and pricing available for every item, making it easy for you to work within your budget. Our style really covers most tastes and complements any wedding setup.”

Speaking of budgets, this initial stage of planning is also the time to establish how much you want to spend turning your wedding into your very own fairytale, and from there, finding ways to stick to this. “Wedding budgets can get out of control very easily,” the pair explain. “Select key statement pieces that really make a difference to the look of your day. Spend your money on the things that matter and focus on those.”


After spending so long envisioning your special day, the excitement of seeing it all come together is where the true magic begins. Your chosen furniture and décor are the perfect tools for pulling those dreams into a glorious reality. If it’s a modern fairytale theme you’re going for, there’s nothing lovelier than a whimsical, rustic aesthetic. Picture timeless, elegant pieces, warm timber features, and various points of interest throughout the ceremony set-up and reception.

There are a few key items you’ll need to transform your blank reception space – whether that’s a garden, hall, restaurant or barn – into an event. When it comes to seating, “you can’t go past something classic like a bentwood chair”. “They are timeless and suit any style of wedding,” Hanegraaf and Whelan say. “They look perfect for [the] ceremony and seated dining.” These classic chairs can even be enhanced with floral adornments to suit your theme and colour palette.

Tables are also a must for dining, and while you may initially be inclined to choose something generic, this is a great opportunity to paint your blank canvas with some serious style. “If you are looking for a timeless table, our Coburn table with metal legs or black block legs are a real statement piece,” the experts say. “If you are looking for more of a country vibe, our Crawford table on trestle legs oozes the perfect amount of rustic charm.” Once you have the table picked out, don’t stop there; elevated table runners create extra space to allow for décor down the centre, including floral arrangements and candles, which will help set the tone and spark a spirited atmosphere.

Around these larger items there’s plenty of scope for styling. No matter what your personal fairytale looks like, “festoon lights always create a warmth and sense of space”. Hanegraaf and Whelan suggest you hang them around a particular feature area such as your canape or dance floor, which will really bring the space together. Romantic florals and greenery are also highly recommended as they “draw the eye to key furniture pieces”, while also stimulating the sense of smell. All of these elements will work to bring your vision into fruition, proving that just like in fairytales, sometimes reality can end up better than you imagined.  


Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, one that will be treasured for all the years to come and – for some – one that has been dreamt of and imagined in the years before it. With all couples being different, now is the time to seize your chance and express yourselves in whatever way is meaningful to you. With a trusted vendor and quality hire items, you can set the stage for the perfect day, where you’ll say ‘I do’ and celebrate with loved ones surrounded by timeless style, just the way you envisioned. After all, everyone deserves their happily ever after.

Image courtesy of Pepper Sprout Hire