Whether you simply want some guidance or you need a professional to handle your entire wedding, choosing a planner will ensure you get the day you deserve. Rene Hart speaks with Jacque Tonin, owner of Events by Jacque, about her profession as a passionate wedding planner and stylist.

A wedding planner can help you define the look, style, mood and emotion you want to create for your wedding day. They’ll be familiar with the latest trends and be inspired by brides, suppliers and the industry itself. So, how does a wedding planner transform a couple’s dream day into a reality? Tonin says it all comes down to a love for all things weddings!

“I love all things weddings! I’m humbled by my job. I love what I do and I love helping my clients achieve the dream day they’ve always wanted”, she says. “My absolute favourite thing about wedding planning and styling is that I get to be a part of something so sacred and so special. I love creating these gorgeous memories with my clients. I remember every single couple and every wedding I’ve ever been a part of – every one of them is incredibly memorable and so beautiful.”

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Like most young adults, Tonin didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do or be throughout school. What she was sure of, however, was that she wanted a career where she could get in touch with her creative side. After acquiring qualifications in pattern making, garment construction, makeup artistry and hair styling, Tonin had developed sound skills for a passionate career in wedding and event planning that was yet to be discovered.

“I actually just fell into this job,” she says. “My family bought a function centre, and I quit my job to work in the family business. [Without] any experience in weddings, other than organising my own, it was all very new to me. With my tailoring and makeup artistry background, I knew I would love my new role as an event organiser and wedding planner for our beautiful venue.”

While organising in-house events at her family’s business, Tonin found that brides and grooms would often ask her to recommend vendors. Before she knew it, Tonin was researching suppliers and organising weddings and events – big and small – while still working for her family. After Tonin’s family sold the business, she stayed worked for the company’s new owners for one year. Tonin grew more passionate with every event she planned, and she built strong relationships with various industry suppliers before venturing off on her own to create Events by Jacque.

“My background in fashion, makeup and hairstyling helps me in my job more than I ever realised it would,” she says. “It enables me [to get] a bit more insider information. I can also fix that torn dress or touch up that makeup in an emergency!”



Tonin believes that investing in the right wedding planner can help you save money, time and stress. They will offer valuable advice and support, which means you can focus on other important aspects of your big day.

“It also means that you, your family and friends can relax and enjoy the day, without having to worry about setting things up or packing things down,” she says. “A good planner will think of all the little things, create timelines and ensure everything goes to plan.”

For Tonin, it’s important to take the time to get to know a bride and groom, not only as individuals but also as a couple, and to allow them to get to know her.

“It’s the only way to develop trust within the relationship,” she says. “Getting to really know the couple also helps me work their personalities into their day. It’s important as a planner to listen and to understand a couple’s vision [to ensure] the wedding reflects their personalities.”



It’s daunting to know how many suppliers are out there, as well as how many people it takes to make a wedding a success, so knowing who to trust is not always easy to determine.

“A good planner will have suppliers on hand who are known, trusted and professional,” she says. “It can be very difficult to find reputable suppliers who provide these types of services at an affordable price. This means that a couple can rest assured they are being well looked-after and getting value for money.”

At the end of the day, you’re hiring someone to plan your perfect event, so finding out about how they work with others will give you better idea whether they are the right wedding planner for you.

“Do your research!” says Tonin. “Look at their website or social media, [and] have a very good look at the photos [that have been] posted. Are they just taken off Google, or are they real photos of weddings they have actively participated in? Call and speak with them and also meet with them. It’s just as important that you get to know your wedding planner as it is for them to get to know you.”

Once you find the right wedding planner, the rest of your planning will come together, as they’ll recommend suppliers they’ve worked with and know how to get the best prices and the best results.

“Recently I planned a wedding where the couple had pre-booked and paid a deposit on a venue. I’d worked with this particular venue on several occasions and because of my relationship with them, was able to negotiate a much better price and therefore, outcome for my clients,” says Tonin.


Take some stressful weight off your shoulders and consider hiring a trusted wedding planner to help make the difficult decisions, so you and your groom-to-be can have the wedding of your dreams!

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