Outside the realm of sugared almonds and monogrammed handkerchiefs, finding wedding favour inspiration can often be difficult. Tijan Biner explores the endless possibilities of unique weddings gifts that your guests will cherish forever.


Wedding favours have become an essential feature on the to-do list of couples about to wed, but the idea of sourcing something for each and every guest can be incredibly daunting. The perfect bomboniere should reflect both you and your partner, but it should also be of good use to your guests.

The tradition of gifting your guests with a small keepsake of your wedding is steeped in both ritual and history. The French would present their guests with delicate jewel-encrusted boxes containing sugared almonds or sweets in the 16th century. The intention behind this gesture was not just extravagance, but it was believed that sugar had extreme health-giving prosperities. Sugared almonds still carry significance at weddings, as the bitterness of the almonds and sweetness of the sugar is believed to symbolise the bitter-sweetness of marriage itself, but there are many other gifts you can present your guests that are just as sentimental.

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If you and your partner are avid foodies, you may want your guests to walk away from your wedding with something sweet. Food-inspired favours are a great way to share your love of food. Present your loved ones with personalised cookies, chocolate bars, jars of jam, mints, cake pops – the list goes on!

Something that’s not as sweet, but will still leave a lasting impression on your guests, is a small bottle of alcohol. Even though bubbly will most likely be on tap all night, giving your guests a tiny bottle of champagne or wine with a personalised love note will definitely have them leaving drunk in love!

You can even pay homage to your roots and opt for something symbolic from your family’s heritage. Bottles of olive oil that remind you of your grandmother’s home in Italy, or your favourite jam or spread will stay on your guest’s kitchen bench forever! Consider celebrating both families throughout the evening – if you’re honouring your family’s culture in the wedding favour, you can add something from your groom’s side in the dinner menu.



Sweet smelling gifts are perfect for the home, and some couples are even choosing to incorporate the scent of their wedding flowers into their favours.

A personalised candle infused with the scent of either your wedding flowers or perfume is a fantastic and practical gift. Soaps are also great to give – everyone uses soap, and if its scent reminds guests of your floral bouquet, they’ll reminisce on your wedding day every time they use it!


It can be hard to think of wedding favours that your guests will actually use, but try not to think too far outside the box. Think of everyday items that you use around the house, or even gifts that you simply love receiving.

A mix CD is a beautiful and personal favour – load it up with songs that both you and your partner love, and share them with your guests! Include your wedding song and other songs that remind you of each other. It’ll be a beautiful feeling to hear your guests come back to you after six months and say that they still have the CD playing in their car!

Other basic household items can be personalised and gifted as ideal wedding favours, such as salt and pepper shakers, cookie cutters, coasters or luggage tags.

If your wedding will take place during the holiday season, look into personalised ornaments for each of your guests. There’s no doubt that when they pull their Christmas ornaments out to decorate the tree, they’ll have a big smile as they reminisce on your special day!


If you and your partner are nature lovers, get creative by placing a bag of seeds or a small plant at each seat. You can even include a personalised note about how the plant symbolises your love for one another. Your guests will most likely want to rush home, plant it, care for it and watch your love grow!

A message in a bottle is another unique and heartfelt way to thank your guests for joining you in celebrating your special day. You and your groom-to-be can include a handwritten note in a bottle, which is a perfect way to personally thank each guest. Perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding, it’s a beautiful keepsake that your nearest and dearest can treasure for years to come.



For couples that have charities that are close to their hearts, you can skip the bomboniere and kindly ask your guests to reach into their pockets. For every donation, organisations such as RSPCA Victoria and Cancer Council Victoria will provide keepsakes for your guests to take home.

For the animal lovers, RSPCA Victoria bombonieres help to free animals from cruelty and neglect by supporting their rescue and rehabilitation. For a small donation per guest, RSPCA Victoria will provide you with personalised bomboniere cards and silver paw print pins.

By donating to Cancer Council Victoria in lieu of traditional wedding bomboniere, your contribution will make a difference in the fight of cancer. For a minimum donation of $4 per guest, Cancer Council Victoria will provide each person with a beautiful silver daffodil pin and bomboniere card.

The history and symbolism of gifting wedding favours is truly special – they’re taken as an opportunity to thank your guests for their attendance, love and friendship. Your wedding day may only come once, but that doesn’t mean you and the people you shared it with have to forget about it! Whether you’ve chosen to gift personalised sweets or beautifully scented candles, it’s a thoughtful keepsake that your loved ones will cherish forever.

melbourne wedding and bride summer expo wedding favours

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