The most important day of your life starts with getting into the wedding car of your dreams, but the magic lies in the finer details that make the journey all the more special. Rene Hart speaks with Mark Heinsen from Fantasy Limousines and Alex Jovanovic from Triple R Luxury Car Hire about some of the additional services car hire companies offer to complement the experience of your wedding transportation.


Wedding cars provide more than just transport to your wedding ceremony. Part of the most special day of your life will be spent in your wedding car, so it should be a wonderful and enjoyable experience, not just a ride to your destination. 

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Wedding car ribbons can make your wedding vehicle look truly spectacular. Whether you choose a racing Lamborghini, a vintage Rolls Royce or a sparkling black Chrysler limousine, adding a white ribbon to the front of the bridal car is a wonderful wedding tradition.

“Ribbons are a way of acknowledging to the world that a wedding is in progress,” Heinsen says. “The bride also gets a sense that it’s her special day!”

While most couples adhere to this tradition, it is a matter of personal choice. Some car companies will provide the ribbon and attach them to the cars as part of the service they offer, while others may give you the option to provide your own ribbon to attach. If attached properly, a wedding car ribbon will remain intact for as long as the wedding ceremony lasts.

“More than anything, the ribbons used on a wedding car are a traditional form of decoration,” says Jovanovic.

“Like many aspects of weddings, tradition plays a very large part in a couple’s big day. The white ribbons signify that the car is part of a wedding and stands out.”

Be wary of the quality of the wedding ribbons you are using, as some ribbons can be torn in transit if they are of poor quality, or they can scratch the paint of the car if they have a rough surface.


“As we all know Melbourne weather is particularly unpredictable, umbrellas are an important complimentary service to have available,” says Heinsen.

Many wedding cars will be equipped with blankets and large umbrellas to protect you and your bridal party from outdoor elements.

“Companies provide umbrellas just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse on the couple’s wedding day. These umbrellas can be used by the bridal party, or the chauffeurs will hold them for the bride and groom [to] keep them dry or sheltered from the sun in hot weather,” says Jovanovic.

If you think the umbrellas are going to appear in your photos, ask your wedding car hire company about the style and colour of their umbrellas, as you might be able to match it up with your colour scheme.

melbourne wedding and bride summer expo transport


Many companies will provide complimentary water or sparkling wine with ice buckets as part of their service, as it adds to the day.

The champagne offered in a wedding package is a great way to toast and celebrate the occasion with close friends and family,” says Heinsen.

“Most of the time, the champagne is for the bride and groom. It’s important for couples to be aware of particular company policies regarding alcohol in their vehicles, as many older classic cars have delicate leather interiors, [which means] alcohol may be prohibited inside the cars,” says Jovanovic.

Some companies may also supply an abundance of lollies and snacks, which are perfect for that late afternoon energy boost between the ceremony and reception. It shouldn’t be a problem to consume water in the vehicles, but its best to check with your wedding car provider about what is acceptable in their cars, as each company is different.

melbourne wedding and bride summer expo transport


With wedding dresses usually being white or off-white, it’s important they are kept clean. When you go to sit in your wedding car, it’s worth noting the state of the tyres, as you may brush against it.  It may look black and shiny, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that won’t rub off onto your wedding dress.

“The wheel cover is a practical benefit [for couples], especially for brides with large dresses, [because they’ll] prevent black tyre marks on the dress,” says Heines.

“The wheel covers are generally used in large modern limos, as they tend to use tyre shine on the modern tyres, whereas most of the older cars with the white wall tyres don’t really require this.”

When choosing your wedding car company, ask if wheel covers will be supplied on your wedding day, which will give you peace of mind that your dress will stay clean.



Besides the standard white ribbon, some couples will choose different forms of decorations to accessorise their wedding car, from ‘just married’ signs and tin-can trails to floral arrangements and wedding bears and dolls. Some wedding car hire companies provide decorations, or they may offer to decorate the vehicle for you, in which case you can provide your own accessories.

“Couples must be aware that many forms of decorations cannot be used on public roads,” says Jovanovic.

“Things like large flags hanging out the window, cans tied to the back of the cars or a ‘Just Married’ sign are more for the photos when the car is stationary or moving slowly on private property. It’s best to check with your wedding car supplier to see what is legal and will work with the terms of hire,” says Jovanovic.

melbourne wedding and bride summer expo transport

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Some wedding car hire companies not only ensure you get to your ceremony on time, but they also offer a transfer to either a hotel or back to your home after the reception.

“The fact that the couple knows how they will be leaving the reception and getting to their accommodation is less of a worry when it is pre-booked,” says Jovanovic. “The couple’s reception getaway is a special and exciting way to leave the reception in style, and will most likely be one of the first opportunities the couple will be alone and have time to unwind and reflect on the day’s events.”

Heinsen says the night pickup is a fantastic way to conclude a truly special day.

“By this time, the newly wedded couple know the driver and can be privately whisked away to their destination in comfort and style,” he says.

From ensuring you and your bridal party arrive in dazzling style at the reception to masterminding a stunning wedding getaway transfer, there are many wedding car companies offering these services and beyond, which will give your wedding day a luxurious allure and enhance the feeling of your whole happy occasion.