When it’s time for your man to choose his wedding attire, he should consider individual taste, as well as the theme of your wedding.. Rene Hart speaks with managing director of Mens Suit Warehouse, Daniel Mortellaro about some of the ways your groom can match his suit to your wedding theme.

Everything has come together perfectly – he’s popped the question, your engagement photos look beautiful and you’ve found the perfect dress. Now, it’s time to give your groom a little sartorial love.

There’s never been a more exciting time to get creative with your groom’s style. Wedding industry professionals that specialise in groom fashion are thinking outside the box and experimenting with different colours, textures and elements to not only create the perfect look, but to also make dressing your groom a unique experience.

“Firstly, we have to find out what type of wedding you’re going to have,” says Mortellaro.

Whether you’re having a classic, vintage or rustic wedding, it’s important to consider your wedding’s theme and style when you’re thinking about the ideal suit for your big day. Everything from the colours and fabric of the suit, as well as the overall feel and setting of your wedding day, should be coordinated with your bridal dress.

Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo Grooms Fashion

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Even if your man lives in his t-shirt and jeans, he’ll still want to look natty on his wedding day. A custom three-piece suit, which includes a jacket, waistcoat and trousers, will never go out of style. A classic three-piece ensemble will keep your groom looking put-together even when he slips off his jacket after dinner.

“Grooms are actually looking for a traditional look with a contemporary design, for example, a tux has a slimline look with a smaller lapel, [but] the suit coat is more shaped to the body” says Mortellaro.

You may find certain elements of both traditional and modern groom attire appealing, but don’t feel like you have to skew entirely towards one or the other. Many grooms are choosing to inject some personality into their look by incorporating different colours and textures into their outfits. If you want to give your groom’s look a modern flair, integrate unorthodox patterns, such as gingham and stripes, or incorporate your wedding colours into a waistcoat or bow tie.



If you love the idea of rustic attire to match your county-style theme, your husband-to-be could wear khaki pants, a waistcoat and a colourful bow tie for a unique, on-trend look. A denim or simple white shirt with the sleeves rolled up is an enchanting look for a rustic groom. A two-piece suit is a very flexible option, as it can be dressed up or down, and it can easily be more than once.

Your outfits should complement each other, and there should be elements of each of your looks that play into the other’s, but that’s not to say you should be carbon copies of one another either.

“We have noticed a decrease in matching over the last few years,” says Mortellaro.

“At most, these days we match a tie or pocket square to the bride. A flower can be used to match the bride as well.”

“We find it important that the accessories match to a degree. I don’t necessarily mean colour, more so an overall combination that finishes off a look.”

Add brown shoes or boots and finish the look with a boutonniere, which could include baby’s breath, greenery, succulents or wildflowers wrapped with twine or lace, to match your bouquet.


A romantic beach ceremony calls for your groom to wear light-coloured linen, such as cotton pants and a white button-up shirt, to create a low-key yet dressy vibe. For a beach wedding, Mortellaro suggests a linen suit and white shit without a tie, and he suggests the groomsmen wear vests instead of suit coats. Having a beach wedding provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of sand under your feet while you recite your vows, but if you must, wear some comfortable sandals. A casual look also allows guests to be more comfortable, with less formality for a more sweet, homey feel.



If you’re wearing a formal wedding dress, such as a ball gown, you may want your groom to opt for a stylish tuxedo. A black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt is standard groom attire, but there are also a range of flattering colours, such as slate blue, graphite grey, silver and tan, that will look equally as glamorous.

“Navy and different types of blue have been all the rage [within] the last 18 months. We find blues to work with many shades of bride’s dresses, especially ivory,” says Mortellaro.

When pairing your groom’s look with the theme of your wedding, consider suit separates in colours beyond your basic black and white.

“The slim tailored shape is very popular at the moment. Pocket squares and tie bars are also popular accessories,” says Mortellaro.

A tuxedo can be accessorised with a bow tie in either black or a colour that matches the bridal gown. Match the pocket square with the bow tie or shirt, and make sure you pick a good quality fabric. Opt for black dress shoes without scuffs, and make sure they are shined to perfection before the big day.


The simplest way to transform a modern man’s look into a blast from the past is by adding a vest and suspenders to achieve a vintage aesthetic. Suspender straps are wonderfully reminiscent of the jazz age, which makes them an excellent choice for a vintage-style wedding. They’re also an easy addition to a white button-down shirt and trousers, and they look especially good when planning a rustic-themed wedding. Velvet is an opulent choice for a handsome groom, as well as patterned fabrics in tweed, checked and houndstooth prints. It’s also becoming increasingly popular for ushers to play around with coloured pocket handkerchiefs and socks, which can be used to tie the bridal party together for a more cohesive look. Pocket watches make cute boutonnieres, while cuff links, cravats and hats can top off a look with ample charm. Paying attention to these small transformations can work wonders when trying to achieving an authentic look.




Weddings are an endless parade of details, however dressing for yours should be a simple affair. Play with different combinations to find an overall look that fits your groom’s personality, while also coinciding with your dress and the theme of your special day. Coordinating your groom’s outfit with your dress and the theme of your wedding will go a long way toward helping making your big day one to remember!

Melbourne Wedding and Bride Summer Expo Grooms Fashion