Refined Dining – Wedding Reception at Potters Melbourne

The beauty of a wedding venue cannot be understated.

Location can make or break the success of a ceremony, as there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration – weather, climate, aesthetics and distance, just to name a few.

It is the strength of a wedding venue, in the opinion of some, to be flexible and adaptable, and to overprepare on your wedding day to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. Potters Receptions has been a staple in the Melbourne wedding industry for many decades, hosting countless ceremonies celebrating the sacred love shared between two people. The venue continues to be a popular wedding venue to this day – a true testament to its adaptability to the ever-shifting market. Here, the editor for Melbourne Wedding & Bride magazine, Robin Harper, sits down with the owner of Potters Receptions, Debbie Noble, to explore the history and beauty of the venue and why you should consider it for your upcoming wedding.

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Potters Receptions Melbourne

Noble eased into the wedding and events scent as an assistant, and then went on to work her way up from there. “I developed a passion for weddings and knew from my early days working at Potters Receptions as a part of their staff that one day the property would belong to me and my vision,” she says.

This same passion reflects in all of Potters Receptions’ staff, who hold an equal love for weddings and the industry as a whole.

It is this passion that is reflected in the quality of service the staff provide for each and every wedding, ensuring that the couple have a ceremony that will forever remain a standout moment in their lives.

To dig into just why Potters Receptions is so special, let’s first take a look at its humble beginnings.


According to Noble, Potters Receptions got its name from the establishment’s origins as a place for pottery back in the early 1900s. It was a centre for creatives to celebrate the joys of art. What is now the venue’s ‘Bridal Gallery’ used to be a display room to showcase the creations of the artists. To pay tribute to its fascinating history, Potters Receptions maintains its original features while also implementing new unique attributes, such as its wrought-iron designs and contemporary-style accommodation, reception and chapel.

“Potters has a proud history dating back to 1921 and, unusually for the time, was owned by a woman named Louisa James,” Noble says. The original deed, which was issued by King George V himself, was replicated and is now on display for all to see in the main reception room. “As a female owner, I am proud to be continuing this legacy, running the venue alongside out small, tight-knit team,” she says. “The Potters staff are like family, each member bringing something special to the group,” she continues.

It was originally known as ‘Potters Cottage’, where it hosted a quaint restaurant that was favoured by locals. “Over the years, as the venue changed hands, it transformed from a restaurant and event space into a stunning wedding venue, complete with everything couple could want for their special day,” she says. The very fact that Potters Receptions continues to maintain its original charm shows that regardless of who it belongs to, it has always been a venue loved and cherished by Noble and her staff.

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While there’s no undermining the important of charm, charm alone cannot keep an establishment standing strong after so many years.

So, what is it about Potters Receptions that makes it so uniquely special? Its wrought-iron railings, brick pathways, native gardens, wisteria courtyard and contemporary architecture all contribute to its stunning façade, but it also has an incredible versatility that no doubt allows the venue to cater to couples from all walks of life.

Potters Receptions has three stunning locations to say your vowels: the garden gazebo, the wisteria courtyard and the newly refurbished chapel. The on-site chapel is a non-denominational wet weather space that can be customised to suit the tastes of the couple, while their garden gazebo catches the afternoon light and is surrounded by beautiful Japanese maples that are particularly vibrant in the autumnal months. And, certainly not least, Potters Receptions’ iconic wisteria courtyard, which offers two ceremony set-ups either facing the atrium bar or facing the bridal gallery. The sensational outdoor locations shift with the wills of the seasons – and to gorgeous results. “Our wisteria courtyard transforms throughout the season, [with] twisting bare vines in winter, lush green leaves in summer, and dangling pods and purple blooms in spring,” she says. “Our maple garden is particularly stunning the autumn months, blushing brilliant reds and oranges that complement our classic architecture and lamp-lit paths,” she adds.

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The beauty and versatility are what makes Potters Receptions a location perfect for your wedding. It can host weddings of all shapes and sizes, from something small and intimate to something large and bombastic, and boasts a capacity of up to 220 people.

The professionalism and hospitality of Potters Receptions staff is also tantamount to the continued success of the weddings the venue hosts. “Our passionate team consists of a dynamic mix of fresh young professionals, and experiences superstars who understand that every wedding is special and every couple is unique,” Noble says.

On top of all these benefits, the venue also has on-site accommodation, a spacious reception area, a well-appointed kitchen and staff, a bridal suite, as well as endless photo opportunities at multiple, picturesque locations in and around the venue.

To seal the deal, Noble offers some parting words regarding the venue: “Don’t be shy! Book an inspection and tour our property with our sensational team. Ask questions and explore all that Potters has to offer. Be inspired by our past couples featured in magazines, on our website and on our socials. Get in touch and let your wedding journey with Potters Receptions begin.”

Images courtesy of Potters Receptions