With more than 20 years’ experience producing outstanding performances, Melbourne Interactive Entertainment is well-versed in a world of music genres. From current hits, house, R&B, Latino, soul and funk, to the classic 60s, 70s and 80s, Melbourne Interactive Entertainment brings the music to life with his infectious and positive energy, interacting with the crowd. Featuring striking conga drums, bongos, African drums and an array of other instruments, Melbourne Interactive Entertainment’s impressive set-up is second to none. Working in collaboration with a professional DJ, his highly-energetic and entertaining performances create a memorable experience that offers contagious fun and a celebratory atmosphere, which will keep the dance floor at your wedding reception busy all night. Melbourne Interactive Entertainment offers a variety of wedding package options specifically customised for your special day, and can be booked for your entire wedding reception or as a special act to dynamically enhance the dance brackets.


Melbourne Interactive Entertainment

Mobile: 0418 957 154
Email: info@djband.com.au
Website: www.djbandmelbourne.com.au