If you’ve ever squeezed into a booth at your local arcade with the boy or girl of your dreams and pulled the curtain closed, you’ll understand the joy of a photo booth. If you have a dog-eared, black and white photo booth strip tucked away in your wallet from years ago, you’ll understand the nostalgia. If you’ve ever experienced an In the Booth photo booth, you’ll realise the heart behind the company.

In The Booth’s goal is to ensure the timeless appeal and unique joy that was first experienced inside a photo booth in the 1920’s lives on. The company’s purpose is to capture irreplaceable memories at once-in-a lifetime events for clients that have placed their trust in them. In The Booth believe that celebrations are an essential part of life. Long after your wedding cake has been enjoyed, your colleagues have celebrated the year that was or the birthday candles have been blown out, the dedicated team want you to savour that day through treasured photographs.


In The Booth

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Email: boothme@inthebooth.com.au
Website: www.inthebooth.com.au