As a bride or groom, there’s so much to think about on your wedding day, let alone keeping track of envelopes and worrying whether your wishing well is safe or not. Thanks to GiftWell – the electronic wishing well for weddings – the gift of giving is now easier than ever!

GiftWell offers a safe, secure and convenient way to give money by way of a gift for the bride and groom. GiftWell is very easy to use. The happy couple create an event with GiftWell and send out their guests’ invitations including the GiftWell event details and the unique code. Guests can then download the app, search the couple’s unique code and add the event to their list in the app. The app allows guests to type a personal message (akin to a card) and select the amount they would like to give to the bride and groom.

The total sum of gifts is then transferred to the couple’s’ PayPal account as one lump sum within 1-2 business days. It’s that easy. Encourage your guests to use GiftWell and manage your cash gifts with complete peace of mind and efficiency. GiftWell equals one less stress!



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