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Enticing Invitations

Selecting stationery for your wedding is one of the first steps you’ll take when planning your special day. However, with ever-changing trends and endless design possibilities, it can be a daunting process. Emma Phillips chats to Jean Soh, the director of Kami, about up-and-coming stationery trends and how to incorporate them into your wedding day.

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The stationery you choose for your wedding can help set the tone for your big event. It’s a great idea to sit down with an industry professional to discuss how you can create elegant and refined stationery that complements your weddings style and embraces modern trends.

Contemporay Crafting

Over recent years, we’ve seen wedding stationery pushed to the edge of creativity. Brides-to-be are always on the lookout for unique and tailored invitations that will make their event stand out from the rest. “Brides always want to do something different for their big day,” says Soh. “As a result, we’ve seen a departure from typical wedding invitations and envelopes over the years.”

With so many different invitation styles available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. However, Soh recommends trying new and unique trends to ensure your wedding is like no other. “Our favourite stationery trend is [origami] invitations,” Soh explains. “The experience of opening an origami card is extremely unique and interactive.”

If you want to create a special experience for your guests, origami invitations are an ideal choice. With a range of shapes and colours available to complement your wedding theme, the design options are endless.

Handmade Quality

The quality of paper used for your wedding stationery will impact how your invitations look and feel. A luxurious invitation will utilise high-quality paper and printing processes. “We love paper that has been made and not manufactured,” says Soh. “It’s aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to touch.”

There is a clear distinction between handmade paper and its manufactured counterpart. Couples often forget that their wedding stationery is the first point of contact with their guests, so it’s important to select invitations that will create a beautiful introduction to your wedding.

Retro Revival

Soh says it has become commonplace for dated stationery trends to be revamped and recreated to suit the modern bride-to-be. “There has recently been a revival in debossing cards using gold and silver foils,” she says. “It creates beautiful visual enhancement and, when used sparingly, is extremely tasteful.”

When designing feature headings into your invitations, it’s important to enlist an experienced professional to produce your project. This will ensure you achieve a high-quality finish that will leave your guests eagerly anticipating the big event.

Letters To Impress

Crisp and precise letterpress stationery will have a stunning and timeless effect on wedding invitations and cards. A traditional form of printing, it can convey elegance that is unachievable with other methods. “While this technique is straightforward, it does require a great deal of skill and experience, especially when using a hand press,” says Soh. “Well-executed letterpress stationery creates a statement about the quality and tone of your wedding.”


From starlight lovers to bohemian-style couples, the celestial-inspired wedding theme is on the rise. Successfully incorporating a trend into your wedding stationery can be a difficult balancing act, but Soh stresses the importance of subtlety. “Beautiful celestial stationery makes use of subtle elements, like sparing use of gold and silver foils,” she says. “The key is to not get too carried away with the theme, but rather maintain decorum in style choices.”

You need to ensure you’re complementing your theme with classic stationery elements, which will help to refine your style and make the finer details speak for themselves.

Pressing Down

Metallic tones are becoming increasingly popular in the wedding industry, and for good reason. The subtle use of gold and silver tones can create an exquisite effect.

“Foil [stamping] is a highly desirable feature in printing,” Soh says.

“A good use of [foil stamping] is to incorporate a traditional font style that will pop.” While foil-stamped calligraphy does look beautiful, the font can sometimes be lost in the invitation. If you want to showcase calligraphy on your invitation, we recommend using ink as opposed to foil.

Refined Elegance

Many brides-to-be are now taking a minimalist approach to their wedding stationery – they’re stripping back the over-embellished styles and going back to basics. “Minimalist stationery shifts the focus back towards quality,” says Soh. “When there aren’t a lot of elements to the stationery set, care and attention to detail is vital.” This is where high-quality paper choices and a sophisticated stylistic approach come into action. When done correctly, minimalist designs have a striking effect.

Tropical Trimmings

If you’re planning a beachfront wedding, then tropical-themed invitations will perfectly capture the essence of your big day. “We recommend avoiding excessively complex designs,” Soh says. “Over-accessorising is a common pitfall with tropical foliage styles.” Subtly incorporating the theme into your invitations is the ideal way to maintain an elegant and contemporary design. Opt for simple font and type choices, as well as high-quality paper with refined flower, leaf or wood textures, to create a beautiful and simple invite.

It’s essential to create wedding stationery that reflects your personality and sets the scene for your special day. “Take your time to think about your relationship,” says Soh. “Figure out what’s important to you and incorporate those elements into your wedding stationery.” It’s always a great idea to sit down with an experienced stationery provider and discuss what key elements you’d like to incorporate into your design. Whether you create wedding stationery that’s contemporary and on trend, or decide to embrace a classic and elegant theme, it’s important to select a style that is perfectly suited to you and your partner.