Born on the Gold Coast, but raised in the gorgeous Yarra Valley, Victoria. Courtney Laura Photography began because of old family photo albums. My Dad’s photo albums. Growing up, Dad would always take photos and print them off, and store them in his photo albums, ranging from 1976 through to present day. Every so often, myself or one of my 4 siblings would pick an album at random and flick through the pages and reminisce over the good times we have had. Now with kids of our own, we find them flicking through the albums with their cousins and trying to guess which one is their Mum or Dad. This is why I do what I do.

I love capturing moments on camera that make clients smile and reminisce of that specific moment in their life. I believe in fun, natural, meaningful but most importantly real! Real emotion, real moments, real memories….
I would love to document your story and create albums that can be cherished in the many years to come.


Courtney Laura Photography

Mobile: 0430 360 088